Hop in Your VW and Head Over to Greek Fest!

Memorial Day
On Memorial Day weekend, hop in your VW and head over to Greek Fest. Greek Fest is a family-friendly event that features authentic Greek food, live music, dance, and lots of fun! Be sure to attend and join in on the festivities on May 26th-28th. History The city of New Orleans has a... [read more]

Discover the All-New 2018 Volkswagen Atlas

2018 Volkswagen Atlas
Volkswagen has done it again! The all-new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas is fresh on the market. This new model has taken the Atlas to a whole new level. Check out all that this vehicle has to offer. 2018 Volkswagen Atlas Convenience Features The 2018 Atlas comes equipped with a ton of new features.... [read more]

Is the Tiguan Right for Your Family?

VW Tiguan
The VW Tiguan has the right look, but it does it also have the features you need for your family? It turns out that this vehicle is about more than looking good. It is loaded with features that are perfect for families of all sizes. Whether you are expectant parents... [read more]

Amazing Snacks for Your Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day Snacks Harvey
Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd, and we all have our own unique ways of celebrating the holiday. Some people might like to go out and dedicate their day to cleaning up the environment or keep the television off for an entire day to lower pollution. Then there... [read more]

Features That Give the VW CC Its Sleek Look

Is there anything sleeker than the VW CC? This vehicle is so luxe that it has many people scratching their heads, wondering how the automaker made it happen. If you’ve been wondering how this sporty vehicle looks so sleek, check out the features. Then, you will know how VW managed... [read more]

Who Will Love the Golf Alltrack?

2017 Golf Alltrack red
While the new Golf Alltrack is a sharp looking car, it has more than just good looks. This car has the features that all types of people love. After learning more about the incredible design, technology, and safety features, among other things, there is a great chance that you will... [read more]

March Events to Take Your VW with Friends

Group of young friends partying and celebrating at an event
There is never an excuse to be bored around our neck of the woods. There are always a ton of exciting events taking place around the city. Here are a few March events that you and your friends should check out! Jimmy Eat World If you like good rock music, then you... [read more]

Helping Your Little Ballerina Find Her Steps

Dance Classes in Harvey
Dance is a great way to spark the imagination of boys and girls. Encouraging creativity while teaching movement, dance is the perfect way to keep kids’ bodies healthy and their minds sharp. When your little dancer is ready to start taking classes, the amount of studios and choices can be... [read more]

Can’t Sleep? Try Simple Yoga Poses to Catch Some Z’s

Yoga Poses to Help Sleep Harvey
Many different Studies have shown that yoga can help improve your sleep. By performing certain yoga poses you can help to lower your stress levels and ease tension in the mind and body. This, in turn, helps you to get a better more rested sleep. These are three of the... [read more]

Upcoming Art Exhibits You Don’t Want to Miss

Upcoming Art Exhibits
If you’re an art lover, then get ready to see some amazing and inspiring exhibits that are coming up around town. Check out a few that will be featured this month. “Something in the Way: A Brief History of Obstruction” Be sure to visit this inspiring photography exhibit at the New Orleans... [read more]